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5K Runs - 2018

Miscellaneous Runs - 2018

5K Runs - 2017

Miscellaneous Runs - 2017
  • 6:21:36 - Pikes Peak Ascent 13-mile - Colorado Springs CO - August 19, 2017
    I was looking to tip my average from .500 by not DQing this year. I did it! Now I have three successes and 2 DQs. The Race Director's decision is final on this, but I started the race with the understanding that the two cut-offs were based on gun time (or time of day technically) and the finish time was based on chip time of 6 hours. I breezed past the two cut-offs and the only remaining cut-off was the 6-hour limit. As I got closer to the top, I knew I would not make the 6-hour chip limit but I kept forginf forward since everyone else around me was also continuing. I figured the 6hr30m limit had kicked in. Since that was based on gun time (based on the wording of the website), that gave me 9 more minutes to work with. As I got closer, I knew I couldn't hit that, but the race announcer kept on announcing finishers and then he added remaining time to his announcements. I now knew I would make it within the limit that may have been adjusted by the Race Director due to the higher barometric pressure. So I started the race believing I needed to beat 6 hours chip time and received the Finish because I (just barely) beat the 6hr30m chip time limit. Whew!
  • 3:37:00 - Barr Trail Mountain Race - Sunday, July 16, 2017 - Manitou Springs CO
    A dramatic improvement over last year! I trimmed 15 minutes off my time, but I'm still not a legal finisher. I DQed by less of a margin than last year. The 3:37:00 is once again my watch time when I passed what was the finish line only 7 minutes earlier. Last year, I saw no evidence of a race at the end ... this year, there were still cones and I saw the last timing mat get picked up. Overall, a good day for me.
  • 1:35:27 - Summer Roundup 12K - Sunday, July 9, 2017 - Colorado Springs CO
    The course was a little tiny bit longer this year than last year. That's okay. I wasn't dead last. My goal was once again to finish (this is the only requirement of me for my Triple Crown qualification route for the Pikes Peak Ascent). Interesting thing on this one: I did the last few miles with a guy from Nebraska who is also doing the TC route to Pikes Peak Ascent. On the uphill portions, I did a little better than him; but on the level and downhill portions, he smoked me. I tried something new on this run: I used the instantaneous pace option on my watch (so I didn't know total miles or total/average pace). Verdict is still out on how that actually worked for me.
  • 2:07:53 - Garden of the Gods 10M - Sunday, June 11, 2017 - Manitou Springs CO
    Well, it's official. This time qualified me for the Pikes Peak Ascent. I was shooting for 12-minute miles, which would have left 10 minutes to spare. At about mile 6, I realized I wouldn't hit my goal but I would be able to come in under the qualification time. Just in case my start chip time didn't read or the rules were gun start, I made sure to push hard enough to qualify with gun time (2:08:39). Either way, I'm good as long as I can finish the Summer Roundup (the final step in qualifying).
  • 1:18:28 - Bolder Boulder 10K - Monday, May 29, 2017 - Boulder CO
    Officially my slowest Bolder Boulder on record. It will be a tough stretch to take this pace to Garden of Gods 10-mile and qualify for the Pikes Peak Ascent. My pace today was about 12:37 ... to qualify at GOG10M, my pace needs to be 12-minute miles. The GOG10M is arguably a tougher course than BB10K, but at least there are some downhill stretches to help with my overall time. Fingers crossed.
  • 53:54 - NORAD Trail Race 4M - Sunday, May 21, 2017 - Colorado Springs CO
    Okay, I'll admit it: I honestly thought this race was held at some super secret NORAD trail until the Friday before this race. I'm glad I finally got to do a Mad Moose event and I'm okayish with my time.
  • 1:49:34 - Greenland Trail Race 8M - Saturday, May 6, 2017 - Larkspur CO
    Well, not quite my goal time, but a fun and deceptively challenging course. Gee whiz .... it was supposed to be flat!
  • 1:38:03 - Cheyenne Mountain 10K Trail Race - Saturday, April 29, 2017 - Colorado Springs CO
    Wow, what a fun race. With the forecast planning for a high of 33 for the day, I decided to break my standing plan of wearing a sleeveless shirt no matter the weather. I layered with 6 or 7 shirts. Then I got to the Start area and there was a chilly breeze ... so I added my coat/jacket. As it ends up, my temperature was the least of my worries: the weather of the past week led to a very muddy, slippery, sloshy trail. The kind of trail that somebody with the weight of a feather and the speed of a gazelle would do fine int. Too bad I am currently the weight of a horse and have the speed of a turtle. I spent the first four miles trying very hard to resist the mud, only to slip the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. I biffed it once, so my pretty clean clothes were no longer clean. After four miles, I finally figured out that I couldn't fight the mud. With each step, I looked for and aimed for the lowest possible place to put my foot. This made things a TON easier. Stupid me. A TON easier and a TON messier too. My only snag was at about 5.4 miles, I planted my foot so firmly that it stayed there even though I kept going. This resulted in me getting the Bloody Knee Award for the day. Bottom line: considering the conditions, I feel pretty god about only being 11 minutes slower than my time last year (and last year had optimal trail conditions).
  • 1:50:10 - XTERRA Cheyenne Mountain State Park 12K - Sunday, April 9, 2017 - Colorado Springs CO
    Well, after last year's course was about a mile short, the Race Director revamped the course a bit and my sometimes-not-so-trusty Garmin watch told me 7.52 miles. Since 12K would be 7.46 miles, I think that's pretty good, considering the trees, valleys, and my sometimes-not-so-trusty Garmin. So this year I will use the pace provided by the race instead of my calculations ... and that pace is 14:49 miles. That's 3 seconds better than my calcs from last year, so I'll take it!

5K Runs - 2016
  • 43:55 - Turkey Trot - Colorado Springs CO - November 24, 2016
    Boy, this one was a cold and windy experience. But still fun. And the best part is that I got to do it with my daughter. Since I set up some of the on-course music first, we were about a fourth of a mile from the start line when it started. There were so many people doing the run, much to our amazement, the start chute was still emptying by the time we got there.
  • 32:07 - Pumpkin Pie 5K - Denver CO - November 19, 2016
    A fun chance to go to a race put on by my friend Derek Griffiths. And my best 5K time in quite a long time ... even though there were about 2,700 people that started all in one big wave (it was pretty much dense pack the whole run).
  • 34:33 - Creepy Crawl 5K - Palmer Lake CO - October 29, 2016
    Always a fun race ... and this year the theme was pirates. And my best 5K time this year for a race that was actually 5K long.
  • 34:05 - Cheyenne Mountain Run - Colorado Springs CO - October 22, 2016
    Well, my first clue that this course was shorter than 5K was that my time was two minutes less than Red Rose. True, the Red Rose Run was in the middle of the hot day, but it was a very flat, mostly paved course. Today's run was a mid-level technical course with hills and some rough trails. Even though I'm not a fast runner, I can detect these things. My Garmin said 2.75 miles, but it may be a little off since there were several nice stretches of beautiful trees and neat mountain slopes and valleys. In other words, I'm happy with my time even with the short course just because I got to run in the Cheyenne Mountain State Park. I love supporting any race that supports this park and trail system.
  • 36:05 - Red Rose Run - Colorado Springs CO - September 25, 2016
    This was a 1:30 pm 5K ... an interesting time that I wanted to try. Last year the event was timed but this year it wasn't, so I timed it myself and did my best at counting finishers so I could report overall finishes. So the 36:05 is my finish time based on gun start (the Mayor started us with a gun). I finished about 95 out of 266. Top half of a field largely made of walkers.
  • 37:34 - Falcon 5K - Falcon CO - July 16, 2016
    I'm blaming my slower time on the course being 0.3 miles too long. Of course I don't know that for sure since my measurement was with Garmin and it's possible theirs was actually correct. But, I'll toss out there that ice cold water in plastic cups isn't the traditional method for a couple reasons. :-) Fun event though!
  • 34:47 - Boulder Sunrise 5K - Boulder CO - Sunday, June 26, 2016
    It wasn't until I got there that I found out the 5K and 10K were just very small add-ons to a huge triathlon and duathlon that was well under way by the time I got there. But I was a little confused when I got the end ... I saw one sign that said "Run - Transition" and another sign that said "Finish". It was kinda clever that this was the finish for everyone, but since I knew the 5k was an add-on, I took the route that said "Run" like an idiot. So that added about 30 seconds to me time, which, incidentally, was still my best time since 2014 for a 5K!
  • 36:26 - Memorial Day Run & March - Castle Rock CO - May 28, 2016
    Well, it's official: this year for BolderBoulder, I am a non-qualified participant. This was my last ditch effort to get a time good enough for ANY qualifying wave. And this course was pretty much BolderBoulder-like as far as hills (or lack of hills).
  • 37:03 - Run With The Pack - Colorado Springs CO - May 21, 2016
    A good check to see where I'm at for the season so far: I'm way behind. There was no mud this year and I was still two minutes slower. My excuse is that I am in the middle of a cold, but the reality is I'm just not training enough yet.
  • 36:05 - Reach Your Peak - Colorado Springs CO - May 15, 2016
    Still not quite where I need to be, but still good in the extrapolation area. I ran this the day after I did the Shrine run, so I was still way tired and sore. This was my running while dead training. This is required training for the Ascent (that run is run until you're dead and then run a couple more hours). SO.... if I extrapolate my Shrine run to 8 miles and then interpolate the other 2 miles from this run, I get about 2:17:30 ... a little closer to the 2:15:00 qualifying cutoff for the GOG 10-miler.
  • 38:06 - Spring Fever - Golden CO - March 20, 2016
    Well, here's my baseline time to beat for the rest of this season. A lot of work ahead if I really plan on running the Garden of Gods 10-Miler in 2 hours.

Miscellaneous Runs - 2016
  • 7:09:00 - Pikes Peak Ascent - Saturday, August 20, 2016 - Manitou Springs CO
    7:09 isn't the real time. Since I got another big fat DNF, I calculated my own net time .... chip start subtracted from the time a guy gave me after I took a picture of him and his wife where the finish line used to be. I predicted 6:19:00 thinking that was within the 6:30:00 cutoff. I also calculated a "reasonable and doable" (realistic) time of 7:10. Oddly that was about where I actually finished. This was based on where I thought I was as far as overall health and readiness. So I shouldn't feel too bad. But the real sucky part is that around Barr Camp, I noticed my heart rate was up above 200+. for the next 7ish miles, I walked very slowly a minute or two and then sat a minute or two. This allowed me to finish without blowing up on the trail. But it was VERY slow going. I am concerned about this heart rate thing ... even when I was out of shape and hiked to the peak with a 25-pound pack my heart rate wasn't this bad.
  • 1:19:40 - Elevation 10K - Saturday, July 30, 2016 - Conifer CO
    They all say you should train at elevation for the Ascent. So I did that here. Think of it as driving a car to the top of the incline and then doing 10K between there and Barr Camp. And did I mention how nice the people in Conifer are? I did something new at this race: I fell at the START line. Even after two people warned us of ruts. Stupid me. Fun race.
  • 3:52:00 - Barr Trail Mountain Race - Sunday, July 17, 2016 - Manitou Springs CO
    Well, technically 3:52:00 wasn't my real time. Since I exceeded the 3:30:00 cutoff, I got a DNF. But that's okay ... it was 12.6 miles after all. When I finally did cross what was, at one point, the finish line, my watch said 3:52 and change, so I'll go with 3:52. So I was a couple minutes faster going down that up on the first/last stretch. That's good. And the Barr Camp cutoff time for the Pikes Peak Ascent is 3:30:00. My Barr camp time today was 2:17:32. That's good. But can I really beat 4:38:13 from 2011? I guess we'll see...
  • 1:29:52 - Summer Roundup 12K - Sunday, July 10, 2016 - Colorado Springs CO
    My first series where I am actually listed in the series results! Woo hoo! And I'm not at the bottom of the list oddly enough. Okay, I'm near the bottom, just not at the bottom. The third and final event in this Triple Crown series is the Pikes Peak Ascent. So now 328 of us will head into the Pikes Peak Ascent to see who wins. Don't worry, it won't be me. I checked my actual time compared to the reported chip time closer than I had before and I found that my actual time was 5 seconds higher than the reported chip time. I'm not sure I can totally explain it based on what I'm learning about RFID readers and timing software, but I'm reasonably sure the disconnect is because I was walking at the start (behind 600 people) and slowed way down at the finish. But, if anything, this should have actually added some time, not subtracted (unless I was blocked from an early read by another walker at the start and then got picked up 5 seconds early on the finish). Oh well. Enough. The final number is posted. The important thing of this race is that I experienced my first example of trail rage. A runner was lapping me as we approached a water station. I heard her say "hurry up". I didn't know who she was talking to, but I was going to keep going my slow pace no matter what she mumbled at me. As it ends up, she was upset that the water volunteer was still filling a fresh cup of water to hand directly to her and the runner was afraid she might have to wait for it. This is what I refer to as a jerk runner (luckily a very rare species). There was actually a whole table of filled cups she could have grabbed, but she wanted the one the volunteer was filing for some reason. A couple of things to take to heart if you're reading this: runners, don't treat volunteers (or paid staff, for that matter) like crap. It's inappropriate, uncalled for, stupid, and bad karma. Water volunteers: only fill cups about half full (many runners drink only a sip or two and dump it ... if they need more to drink or want to dump some on themselves, they'll ask for more). This way, you won't get behind filling cups and potentially upset jerk runners. Race Directors: deliver your water volunteers in plenty of time to get well ahead of filling cups for the runners in a 600-runner race. And finally, to today's water volunteer: Thanks for being there ... and too bad you missed when you threw the water at the jerk runner!
  • 2:09:40 - Garden of the Gods 10M - Sunday, June 12, 2016 - Manitou Springs CO
    Perhaps a 12K on Saturday and a qualifying 10-mile event on Sunday wasn't the best plan, but somehow I survived it and qualified for the Pikes Peak Ascent with 5+ minutes to spare.
  • 1:24:50 - Sound to Narrows 12K - Saturday, June 11, 2016 - Tacoma WA
    Still clearly in the bottom of the pack (even at sea level) in my final practice race before trying to qualify for the Ascent at the Garden of the Gods 10 Miler. I learned a few things at this race: 1. Don't ever laugh at a race that starts at 300 feet (this one had about the same elevation UP and down that the Garden of the Gods 10-Miler has); 2. Thousands of people WILL sign up to attend a run that goes DOWN then UP; 3. There's nothing wrong with charging the same price for all distances at an event (this makes sense ... most race directors already spread out the cost for XXXL shirts to avoid charging more for that, why not do the same on race distances). But about the race... I'm not sure where I came up with my goal of 1:30:00, but I just barely beat it.
  • 1:15:18 - Bolder Boulder 10K Road Race - Monday, May 30, 2016 - Boulder CO
    Signing on as a non-qualified participant was correct. I finished in the bottom half of the M48 division and the bottom half of men too. A lot of work to do in two weeks to be able to succeed at the Garden 10-Miler!
  • 1:27:23 - Run to the Shrine 10K - Saturday, May 14, 2016 - Colorado Springs CO
    Okay, so I didn't hit my goal of 55 minutes. I wasn't even to the Shrine by 55 minutes, I'm not sure where my 55-minute goal came from. But if you take this time and extrapolate to 10 miles (I'm using the Garden 10-miler as my Pikes Peak Ascent qualifier), the 10-miler might be 2:20:56 ... almost 21 minutes over my goal and about 6 minutes slower than qualifying. Still some catchup work to do, but I think I can get there. To be fair, the GOG 10-miler course, although difficult, probably isn't as grueling as the Shrine...
  • 1:27:06 - Cheyenne Mountain 10K Trail Race - Saturday, April 23, 2016 - Colorado Springs CO
    My goal was to trim some time of my last attempt at this trail. I wanted to hit 1:27:00 for 10K since that's about what the race was a couple weeks. ago. Well, I kinda succeeded... the course was actually a little bit short though (probably around 0.2mi short). That's where I picked up a lot of my time.
  • 1:30:44 - XTERRA Cheyenne Mountain State Park 12K - Sunday, April 10, 2016 - Colorado Springs CO
    My goal was 12-minute miles. After taking into account a slightly shorter course than 12K (this was pretty much a 10K), my math tells me I did 14:52 miles. Trail was in great shape and the weather was awesome ... I just wasn't in 12-min-mile shape.

5K Runs - 2015

Miscellaneous Runs - 2015

5K Runs - 2014
  • 45:03 - National Veterans Day Run - Colorado Springs CO - November 16, 2014
    Okay, so the time I listed here isn't the real time. It's my daughter's time plus 10 seconds. That's the best I can do since the timing setup wouldn't allow the addition of names to a number after the race started. Since my daughter and I volunteered at packet pickup when we saw Race Director Scott in a world of hurt (long lines and a few minutes to gun), my registration didn't get processed correctly. Oh well. It's all good and I bet Scott and I will be doing other races together in the future.
  • 41:05 -Creepy Crawl 5K - Palmer Lake CO - October 25, 2014
    Well, probably closer to 39 something for a chip time. But I accidentally did an experiment on the shoe tag timing chips: they don't read when they are stuffed in the little key pocket of your running shorts. Who knew? I didn't get a start chip time, but I did cross the finish line holding the shoe tag over the finish line at shoe height. A great day with my daughters and niece who was an awesome Mary Poppins.
  • 31:31 - Pancake Stampede - Littleton CO - August 10, 2014
    I wasn't totally shot after this slow but steady run. Good thing, too ... my strategy for next weekend's Pikes Peak Marathon is to post my best 5K time getting through Manitou so I am seeded with the middle of the packers instead of the end of the packers.
  • 32:47 - Run With the Pack - Colorado Springs CO - May 31, 2014
    A fun new course on this growing race.
  • 45:40 - Women's Distance Festival - Colorado Springs CO - May 17, 2014
    I got to be the running buddy to my daughter and one of her friends. After I taught them to cool off with the water they gave us (there must have been 4-5 water stations on the course!), that's all they wanted to do. That's okay, we were all three out having fun and being active. A fun day was had by all.
  • 36:31 - XTERRA 5K Trail Run - Colorado Springs CO - April 6, 2014
    My first run since the stair climbs. And it felt like it.
  • 28:56 - Le Cours de L' Amour 5K - Denver CO - February 15, 2014
    Temperature dropped 30 degrees right before the race and the wind kicked in. Brrr. The darnedest thing happened: I usually set my virtual training partner in my trusty Garmin with a stretch-goal pace. On this race, I checked it at about 2.5 miles and saw that the GPS apparently wasn't working ... or at least that's what I thought when I saw 0 seconds ahead or behind my virtual partner. Of course I had to slow down to see if that would change the number (it did).
  • 30:53 - Game Day 5K - Colorado Springs CO - February 2, 2014
    My big mind-over-matter experiment today had to do with temperature. I left my house with my running tights on and I was planning to wear my snowmobile mask, gloves, coat, hat, and extra layers. It was about 9 degrees after all. But at the last minute, I decided I would still be cold with all that garb on ... plus I would feel too bundled up. So.... I took off the tights and ran with NO special cold weather stuff except an extra shirt for core warmth. This didn't seem to help or hurt. So I'll probably do this next time also...
  • 33:37 - Rescue Run - Colorado Springs CO - January 1, 2014
    Not my best time - but not my worst time either. It was the first time, however, that I actually almost threw up BEFORE the race ... and not because of my News Years Eve imbibing. I actually outsmarted the age-old pre-race porta-potty line problem. At exactly 20 minutes before the race, I drove to the Circle K at Academy and Maizeland, bought gas, and checked out the restroom key. Indoor, heated toilet! How cool. Until I actually went into the bathroom. The mirror had been yanked off the wall (no biggie) and it doesn't appear that it had been cleaned in weeks. The toilet looked like it had been used for several weeks (runny number 2) and not flushed for the same amount of time. The smell really did make me start to heave. Luckily I left and made it to the porta-potty just in time for the race start. Yuck. Lesson learned.

Miscellaneous Runs - 2014
  • 1:11:51 - Fall Series III - Colorado Springs CO - November 2, 2014
    Just another reminder that I shouldn't let myself fall so far out of shape. But since I predicted 1:22:00, I am happy with 1:11:51. The race was labeled as a 5.5-mile race. They announced at the start that is was 5.75 miles. My handy dandy Garmin claimed 5.25. Again, I'm happy I made it ... and was able to slow down to avoid getting hurt going through the rock archway. :-)
  • 10:50:22 - Pikes Peak Marathon - Colorado Springs CO - August 17, 2014
    Well, the mountain beat me this year. I finished ... just not officially. The cut-off was 10 hours and at about 27 minutes left, I had 3 more miles to go. It would have to be my best 5K time ever. Since I had just done 23 miles and had blisters and sore muscles to prove it, I went ahead and threw in the towel to avoid further damage. I slowed to a walk and, after 3 very long miles, I crossed the finish line that was almost completely packed up. No official time, but my watch said 5:50:55 PM. Subtracting my chip start of 33 seconds (at 7:00 AM), I ended up with a Curtis Time of 10:55:22. And now about the trail stories... at about Mile 3 going up, I realized I didn't even have enough energy to suck wind (I worked on that all the way up!). I ran behind a guy for about a mile who really had to "take a whiz" but was holding it because there was a woman behind us. I finally convinced him she'd probably seen it all so he pulled over. The woman was "Texas Pants" ... a very nice representative form Texas. Even pulled over in pain very early in the race, she was very happy, friendly, and enthusiastic to everyone she met along the way. It was almost like she was welcoming me to HER mountain instead of me being the host. Oh wait, it's America's Mountain. It 's all good. Ultimately I kept her going during the boring downhill part between tree line and A-Frame. Then, luckily for her, a group of folks determined to finish came cruising by and she went went them. I just didn't have the steam or blister-free feet to do it. She did finish in time. Hopefully she caught her 8PM flight in Denver. (I gave her the "Texas Pants" nickname because of her groovy Texas-flag running shorts.) Injury report: no blood, and I only ran into one solid tree.
  • 2:42:44 - Sand Creek Half Marathon - Denver CO - July 12, 2014
    I'm saying this was my fatigue training for the Pikes Peak Marathon next month. On Wednesday, we hiked about 5.5 miles with a pack. On Thursday, we hiked down Pikes Peak about 6 miles with a pack. On Friday, my calves were very sore and we spent the day at Water World. Then on Saturday, with blistered feet and extremely sore calves, I embarked on this half marathon. I had to fight off a few mosquitoes, but at least I got to see a toad half the size of a grasshopper. That was cool.
  • 45:06 - Palmer Lake July 4th Fun Run 4-mile run - Palmer Lake CO - July 4, 2014
    I really think the highlight of my day was having my picture taken with Olympic Gold Medal Marathoner Frank Shorter. It sure wasn't my finish time...
  • 1:15:59 - Sailin' Shoes 10K - Colorado Springs CO - June 14, 2014
    Even when you take off the 5:30 delay caused by my prioritization between running and using the portajohns (there weren't for the size of the race), my time still isn't what it needs to be. And isn't there a cliche about running into a parked car? That's what I did while using my stare-at-the-road strategy for climbing hills. Yikes.
  • 1:08:48 - Bolder Boulder 10K - Boulder CO - May 26, 2014
    Well not my slowest Bolder Boulder. And not my fastest.
  • 57:48 - Take 5 in The Garden 5-Miler - Colorado Springs CO - May 3, 2014
    Well, not my best 5-mile time ... but then not my worst either. This race was just an early indicator that I need to kick in on my training real soon if I think I'm going to complete the Pikes Peak Marathon this year.
  • 13:12 - Fight For Air Climb - Las Vegas NV - March 2, 2014
    I got to meet a bunch of real nice folks from Colorado as we all represented Colorado at this cool event. My goal was 16 minutes, so I totally shocked myself with this finish.
  • 11:30 - Fight For Air Climb - Denver CO - February 23, 2014
    I was still a little fatigued after my go at the Ultimate Climber division. That's my story.
  • 4 Buildings - Fight For Air Climb Ultimate Climb - Denver CO - February 23, 2014
    Not bad for the first time out. A handful of us set off to see how many times we could climb the stairs of 56 floors in an hour. I did it four times. My target was 5, but I'll take my 4.

5K Runs - 2013
  • 32:41 - Moustache Must Dash 5K - Thornton CO - Movember 30, 2013
    A fun race designed to race money and awareness for the Movember Foundation. My mustache actually kept my face warm during the brisk morning run.
  • 52:50 - Turkey Trot - Colorado Springs CO - November 28, 2013
    Always my favorite race because of who I get to do it with. I liked the new course this year ... but then I am partial to dramatic shutdowns of major streets.
  • 34:18 - Tiger Classic 5K - Colorado Springs CO - October 12, 2013
    Not really my best showing.
  • 31:03 - Run With The Pack 5K - Colorado Springs CO - May 11, 2013
    Okay, so this just proves I'm not ready for the Bolder Boulder. In order to hit my goal of 59:42 for the Bolder Boulder, it seems logical that, at worst, I should shoot for a street 5K of 29:51. Since this race was a little shorter than 5K, I for sure didn't hit the goal. Even if I use the chip time of 30:26, I'm not there. Okay, so it's not actually a chip time, it's just my watch time. And the 30-second delta is correct since I was running so late to the race ... I was still putting my shoes on when the race started. I had to install a doorbell before the race. Don't ask.
  • 34:33 - Ha-Hatse Sachini - Fountain CO - April 28, 2013
    A pretty slick opportunity to run the trails of the Fountain Valley School. Originally, I thought "Ha-Hatse Sachini" meant "knee-deep in yucca". I suppose that would have been pretty cool, but, as it ends up, it actually means "prairie warrior". And there's a special story about this warrior at the race's web site. This race is about 15 years old but was previously only open to parents and students. Luckily, Tommy Manning convinced the school to open it up. As near as I can tell, a good time was had by all. ... How's that for some real fancy writing to disguise my not-so-hot finish? Oh, that reminds me: it was unseasonably hot too.
  • 39:47 - Big Mountain Trail Race - Colorado Springs CO - April 21, 2013
    A pretty tough 5K course with a vertical gain of 565 feet. I some how managed to get 2nd in my age group ... out of more than two. And for the race evaluation (like you care what I think): first the goods and then the bads. The goods: the weather, the course, the Big Mountain dudes and their humor, the raffles, the food, the fun.
  • 45:18 - Flying Pig 5K - Fort Collins CO - April 14, 2013
    The cold temps and bone-piercing wind led to a nice slow time and absolutely the worst running conditions I've ever had for running a race. BUT... the best post-race pancake-wrapped sausages of any race made up for that. Plus, the best running partner and fun weekend with my daughter was pretty slick too.
  • 29:47 - Le Cours de L' Amour - Denver CO - February 16, 2013
    Well, I guess I am finally considered a member of the Masters Division. I've been an AARP member for years, but I'm not sure how I feel about this. But, I did get 2nd Place in the Masters Division and 1st in my age group.Slick.
  • 30:08 - Game Day 5K - Colorado Springs CO - February 3, 2013
    Well, I did manage to trim some time off last year's time ... not sure if the new race name and new race course had anything to do with it. And this is my best 5K time since 2011...

Miscellaneous Runs - 2013
  • 1:09:28 - Bolder Boulder 10K - Boulder CO - May 27, 2013
    Well, definitely my worst Bolder Boulder so far ... which is exactly what I would have expected considering my poor training, exercise, and diet since surgery. The real bad part was my average heart rate of 185! But, as always, the party and fun was great.
  • 55:43 - Take 5 in The Garden 5-Miler - Colorado Springs CO - May 4, 2013
    Not an exceptionally fast time, but a real good training time for my Bolder Boulder plans. My plan is to beat my Bolder Boulder record (previously 59:43). So to run 5 hard miles at 55:43 makes 6.2 easier miles at 59:42 seem possible to me.
  • 10:57 - Fight For Air Climb - Denver CO - February 24, 2013
    Well, I managed to trim a minute off my last time up the Republic Plaza building. My (delusional) goal was 9:00, but I predicted 11:00 ... so 10:57 was pretty much in line with what I predicted as reality. I'll take it. I finished in the top third of my gender, my age group and overall. Overall, I was number 222 out of 1,359. More details: Denver - Las Vegas -- (I pysched myself out on this one, but there's still useful information at the Vegas link).

5K Runs - 2012
  • 33:26 - Turkey Trot - Colorado Springs CO - November 22, 2012
    I'm back! I've really done nothing since my shoulder surgery on August 20. No, really. Nothing. So, with that in mind, I'm pretty pleased with the results of my comeback run.
  • 31:19 - Run For Rwanda - Colorado Springs CO - August 4, 2012
    Whew. I was late to the start due to running errands before the race (probably not the best idea, eh?). Luckily, there was a little delay in getting Rwanda on the phone before the start. That part was pretty cool ... that and the dudes who ran 5K with an extra 5 gallons of water so Compassion International would send a water filtration system to Rwanda. Sweet!
  • 30:53 - Rocky Mountain State Games - Colorado Springs CO - July 29, 2012
    Boy I'm sure liking my new age group. And I guess the time ain't half bad (for me), considering I've continued to take far too much time not running this year. Oh well, I'm well into my high-tech training plain for the Pikes peak Marathon (an average of 3 miles every day from July 22 to August 19), so this run will at least serve as some sort of weird benchmark/baseline.
  • 33:18 - Run with the Pack - Colorado Springs CO - May 12, 2012
    Okay, I'll admit it: I've not been running nearly as much as a Pikes Peak Marathon competitor probably should. I should fix that. For the past few months, the time I normally spend on running has been spent on race prep for the Easter race (Hams and Hamstrings) and the Memorial Day race (the Double 5K). I'll start kicking it in gear now, though, August will be here before I know it! But today's run actually went pretty well.
  • 30:40 - Super Family 5K - Colorado Springs CO - February 5, 2012
    A nice run put on by my friends at PPRR and PikesPeakSports.us. It was a little colder than I like, but overall it was a great day. And about my time ... well, let's just say for being under the weather the past week, I'll take the finish. This race proved to be the time my trusty Garmin decided to be full. For months, it's been telling me it was almost full and told me a confusing message that I quickly learned went away with no impact if I hit Reset. But today, the message was new. Now it was FULL and that was that. Oh well. Now I know there is a "Delete Old Runs" option (I thought it was only a "Delete All Runs" or "Delete One Run" option). Perhaps I should actually read the instructions when I get my next watch?
  • 33:29 - Rescue Run - Colorado Springs CO - January 1, 2012
    For saying I haven't put on my running shoes at all since Thanksgiving, I don't think I can complain about this time. So I won't.

Miscellaneous Runs - 2012

5K Runs - 2011
  • 36:18 - Turkey Trot - Colorado Springs CO - November 24, 2011
    A little slower than I have been doing ... BUT I'm very happy with the run because my middle school daughter wanted to run it with me. Not walk it. Thanks to her gym teacher having them run during PE Class, she felt like she could run 5K ... and that's what we did! Cool.
  • 29:58 - Creepy Crawl - Palmer Lake CO - October 29, 2011
    I didn't get the time I wanted. Probably largely due to the fact that I was up until 5AM and then left at 7AM for the race. Stupid. But I was still in the top half of my age group. I'll take it. As an added bonus, I got a chance to visit with a local triathlete, Mike Stephens, who has gotten a bunch of top-3 finishes this year (including today). He's a pretty cool dude as near as I can tell.
  • 27:37 - Peace Officers Memorial Valor Run - Colorado Springs CO - October 15, 2011
    I actually finished #10 out of 28 in my age group. I'll take it. And I'll keep training. My target for this year is still 22 minutes for 5K.
  • 32:32 - Race Against Suicide - Colorado Springs CO - September 25, 2011
    Not a bad time for considering I've fallen off my training wagon and showed up to the start line about 3 minutes after the start of the race. But then both of those things ARE bad things. Hmmm.
  • 24:51 - Panerathon 5K - Colorado Springs CO - August 13, 2011
    Wow! My target was 26 minutes or about 10 of 18 in my age group. The weather was just right for this sub-25-minute finish that put me 10 of 27. I'll take it ...a real nice pyschological boost heading into next week's Pikes Peak Ascent.
  • 27:38 - Rocky Mountain State Games - Colorado Springs CO - July 31, 2011
    And so the grudge match between former mayor Lionel Rivera and myself continues. He let me win again this year! I'm reasonably sure he still doesn't know about our little competition. I was also able to pull off a 2nd place age group finish. Technically this means I qualified for the 2011 State Games of America in San Diego.
  • 29:28 - Drop Your Drawers & Run Wild 5K - Denver CO - July 22, 2011
    This race was a double record breaker for me: 1. it was my hottest (highest temperature) 5K at 100 degrees and 2. it was my most expensive 5K. I learned to make sure I knew just how much a race-day registration is going to cost before heading out for the race. I know what you're saying: what kind of idiot doesn't know that before driving an hour and a half for a race? Me, I guess. Even after all that, my time was actually pretty good for me ... remember, 100 degrees!
  • 26:57 - Sky Sox Family Fun Run - Colorado Springs CO - July 10, 2011
    Well, since I didn't get registered for the Summer Trail Roundup 12K before it sold out, that left one other race to do locally today. Don't get me wrong -- it's not that I only did this one as a last ditch consolation kind of thing. I just need some serious elevation training for the Ascent. Oh well, I signed up for this one and enjoyed a nice, low-key race. I went pretty much the same pace the whole thing. My Garmin came up with 3 miles, not 3.1, but I'll still take the time.
  • 35:15 - Veterans Home Run - Colorado Springs CO - July 2, 2011
    In my never-ending quest for a good challenge, I tried a new one in this race: I registered for the race after the starting gun. It really only set me back 4 minutes. Since this run was two laps and I did a fair job of catchup during the first mile and a half, I still had a chance to be lapped by about a dozen of the leaders on my first lap. When one came by, I fell in behind him and drafted at his pace for awhile just to see how it felt. Well, I kept the pace for about 5 feet if that tells you anything. I don't even know if this was a drafting-legal race (but then I missed al the pre-race announcements).
  • 29:25 - Earth Month 5K - Colorado Springs CO - April 3, 2011
    I still need to get my pace figured out, but I'm not complaining: my time on this early-in-the-year run was about what my best times were all last year. Plus, the tiny chip bags from Chipotle were very cute ... and tasty.

10K Runs - 2011
  • 57:46 - Grand Prix Classic 10K - Colorado Springs CO - July 23, 2011
    Well, I trimmed about 5 minutes. And as a reminder of the appeal that comes with running (being able to compete with the elite runners just by showing up), Colleen De Reuck ran 10K at a cool 5:32 pace.
  • 59:43 - Bolder Boulder - Boulder CO - May 30, 2011
    I finally broke the hour threshold. That alone is exciting enough, but I also trimmed four minutes off my time last year. My goal now is to qualify for the ED wave next year (EF last year, EE this year, ED next year).
  • 1:15:08- Run to the Shrine - Colorado Springs CO - May 21, 2011
    My time doesn't show as being better than last year's time, but it technically was (considering I spent the first three minutes in the portapotty line for the first three minutes of the race). This year's course was a little different than last year's: last year, it was up half a mile, down half a mile, up three miles, down a mile and half miles, up half a mile; this year, it was just up four miles and down two miles.
  • 1:14:01 - Rescue Run - Colorado Springs CO - January 1, 2011
    Brrrr. This run was cold. But it was my personal best for the Rescue Run 10K, my best time for any race this year, my best 10K this year, my best time while wearing red long underwear. Well, you get the idea ... this was also my first of all of these.

Miscellaneous Runs - 2011
  • 4:38:13 - Pikes Peak Ascent 13-mile - Colorado Springs CO - August 20, 2011
    Wow. My expected finish was 5:59:59. My target was 5:30:00. A friend bet me lunch at 5:00:00. So I was blown out of the water at just over 4 and a half hours. I do apologize, though, to all the others on the trail between mile 4 and 10 ... I was tootin' all the way from split pea soup the night before.
  • 3:47:20 - Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race 25K - Colorado Springs CO - April 23, 2011
    Due to my outstanding performances these last couple years, the fine folks at EPIC invited me to run this inaugural 25K event. Okay, actually they didn't technically "invite" me to do anything, but I did win a contest at OutThereColorado.com for a free entry. So I had to do it. Of course I had no business doing it. Although the course was a challenge, I never fell, but I did come pretty close a few times. The only blood that resulted from my "run" was from my right shoe rubbing the inside of my left ankle. A lot of nice people ran this race, including some elite trail runners that have won races like Mountain Masochist Trail Run. Yep, I had no business doing this one, but it's still good practice for the Ascent in August.
  • 43:07 - Runnin' of the Green Lucky 7K - Denver CO - March 13, 2011
    After "training" for the St. Patty's Day race in Colorado Springs (flat 5K, I ended up doing this one instead ... it was a day later, so that gave me an extra day to train). As it ends up, 7K with ups and downs is a little harder than I thought it would be.
  • 11:57 - Fight For Air Climb - Denver CO - February 27, 2011
    Wow, this one was a fun one (and it raised money for the American Lung Association). The goal was to climb 1,098 steps (56 floors) at high altitude as a way to show how important lungs are. My goal was 12 minutes, so I'm real happy with my finish. And the best part was that I actually trained for this ... sorta. I climbed 700 floors over four weeks. Now my sights are set on the Empire State Building - it's only another 30 floors.

5K Runs - 2010

10K Runs - 2010
  • 1:03:12 - Grand Prix Classic 10K - Colorado Springs CO - July 24, 2010
    I still haven't crossed the 60-minute 10K threshold ... and this one was pretty much downhill all the way. Perhaps I should be running more often...
  • 1:03:35 - Bolder Boulder - Boulder CO - May 31, 2010
    Well I completed the whole 10K without slowing down to a walk. Goal was 58 minutes - I missed it by almost 6 minutes. I guess there's next year. BUT, my other goal was to be in the top half ... of the 27,476 guys who finished the race, I was the 11,802nd to finish. Maybe next time I can hit the top third? I was excited to see a different band every block, but was a little let down. All the goofy food along the route was fun though.
  • 1:14:11 - Run to the Shrine - Colorado Springs CO - May 22, 2010
    My friend talked me into running this tough 10K run designed for elite runners. If you have ever driven from the zoo to the Will Rogers Shrine, you can imagine why I was nervous about running it. The views were beautiful ... so long as I stayed away from the edge of the road to avoid seeing my breakfast again. Overall, I was pleased with my time considering the extreme elevation gain.

Miscellaneous Runs - 2010
  • 1:28:23 - Fall Series IV - Colorado Springs CO - November 14, 2010
    This was a tough and fun course around Palmer Park. They said it was 7 miles, but I clocked about 6.5 miles. And the "fall" part of the title isn't necessarily a season ... considering all the loose rocks, gravel, tree stumps, and cliffs along the trail.
  • 2:29:56- Cañya Cañon 6K Trail Run and Family Hike - Colorado Springs CO - November 7, 2010
    My "Token Last Guy" run of the year. The time I posted is from my Garmin watch since the timers had already left the finish line when we got there. While it took me forever to finish, I am very proud of my daughters (ages 10, 8, and 5) for finishing the entire thing as well. This trail has about 1000 feet net gain over 6K. My youngest daughter finished a couple seconds before me and she never asked to be carried at any time (all the dogs along the way helped a bit) ... but she did end up with a ton of free foot massages along the trail. We all were looking for food from La'au's Taco Shop but they ran out and were packing up by the time we got to the post-race party. So we drove to La'au's and they treated us to an awesome lunch. Thanks, La'ua's for supporting the Friends of Cheyenne Cañon.
  • 2:15:43 - Denver Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon - Denver CO - October 17, 2010
    Thanks to being a member of Active Advantage, I was offered a free registration for this. Since it was free, of course I had to take them up on it. My race prep and training didn't go quite as well as planned. And then my trusty Garmin froze up the night before so I was forced to run Garminless. Yuck. Luckily I finally am kind of feeling a pace. Even more luckily, I stumbled onto a trusty pacer that I was able to run with for about 6 miles. My goal was to trim 5 minutes off my last Half ... I did that!
  • 2:21:39 - American Discovery Trail Half Marathon - Colorado Springs CO - September 6, 2010
    First half marathon! And no walking. Same pace the whole way. The goal was to beat 2:30:00 to qualify for the 2011 Pike Peak Ascent and that's what I did. But now I see that they are working on changing some of the registration requirements...
  • 56:09 - Widefield 5 Mile Run - Widefield CO - March 20, 2010
    I managed to trim some time off compared to last year. Still a long way to go...

5K Runs - 2009

5M Runs - 2009

Triathlons - 2009
  • 2:33:57.55 - State Games of America Triathlon, Colorado Springs, CO - August 1, 2009
    S: 51:23 - T1: 2:40 - B: 1:07:09 - T2: 1:16 - R: 31:29 Holy crud! This was every bit as exhausting as I had planned. The bad part is that last week I popped my weak shoulder out while swim training. Not that I was going to be very fast anyway, but me babying my shoulder during the swim portion really messed with my times. But my goal was to complete and that I did. Woohoo!

Miscellaneous Runs - 2009

5K Runs - 2008

5K Runs - 2006

Nielson Challenge 2-Mile Runs
  • 22:22 - March 3, 2018
    Baseline for the year as I debate doing the Ascent this year. A better baseline than last year at least, but still some work to do!
  • 20:42 - August 5, 2017
    Still not overly fast, but considering the training I've (not) been doing, 10-minute miles are better than what I'd expect. I was able to keep 1.5 miles before walking. And my fastest Nielson all year!
  • 21:31 - July 1, 2017
    A little better than last month but of course not yet where I need to be. I did manage to go 1.5 miles again before taking a break.
  • 22:29 - June 3, 2017
    Still not a good enough extrapolated pace for the GOG10M next week, BUT.... it was the first time in a long time that I went at a non-walk pace for the first mile! So I'll take it.
  • 22:46 - April 1, 2017
    Another slow but fun turnout.
  • 22:11 - January 7, 2017
    First, the actual time I would have crossed the finish line if it weren't so congested at the Finish was about 21:45. Okay, that's off mind now. The Brewers Cup is really bringing a lot of folks out for local runs these days. This run was really, really cold. Like about 9 degrees. I once again freaked out a bunch of people with my standard running apparel. My theory is they're cold, I'm cold, but at least I have standard mobility and flexibility. I will continue to run in normal running gear no matter how cold since I believe it works for me. And it didn't seem to make me any faster, so it's all good.
  • 20:00 - November 5, 2016
    I'm pretty excited about this one ... not only is it my fastest Nielson since 2013, but it's the first time I've ever beat my handicap!
  • 22:37 - April 2, 2016
    Still more work to do...
  • 21:33 - February 7, 2015
    Hmm. I guess not my worst and not my best. Not bad considering I've done nothing since November.
  • 20:46 - August 3, 2013
    For saying there were about 5 other races going on at the same time today, 161 participants was a little surprising. Nothing more to write.
  • 24:20 - April 6, 2013
    This was my favorite Nielson so far ... I got to run it with my daughter. She and I are training together for the Bolder Boulder and this was our first outing. Cool.
  • 18:55 - February 2, 2013
    My stair climb training really paid off to improve my time. That, and the jerk who motivated me by snapping at me with "Walk on the right!" ... as he easily passed on the left. That's all I needed to trim a couple minutes off my time.
  • 20:19 - January 5, 2013
    Well, it wasn't my slowest Nielson, but it was my heaviest! Yes, I do track that sort of stuff. Sorta. My training for the stair climbs didn't help this run a bit. I guess I better integrate some flat training as well as stairs... Hmmm...
  • 19:39 - January 7, 2012
    Gradually getting back into the swing of things means I still didn't hit my 17-minute goal. Eventually I will...
  • 20:39 - July 2, 2011
    I scurried from the Veterans Home run so I could do the Nielson back to back. Pretty slick. Until my heart rate forced me to walk more than I wanted. Still pretty good for me considering this weekend is my first running after my 4+ day recovery from Barr Camp.
  • 18:10 - April 2, 2011
    A little better than last month. At least I went to the correct park this time. I somehow managed to get 8:21 the first mile. I guess I need to work on my pacing, eh?
  • 18:14 - March 5, 2011
    Well I finally decided the Nielson Challenge was a worthwhile event ... and then I went to the wrong North Monument Valley Park. I bet next time will work out better for me.

Pikes Peak Climbs
  • Trip 9: 8:40 up, 1:20 down - September 16, 2017
    My wife and I did a redo from several years ago. Well, not quite as good as our first trip up, but I did talk her into a 45-minute break at Barr Camp. And the awesome time on coming down ... that was on the Cog Railway. We had the front seat. I never thought that would be scary, but it was.
  • Trip 8: 6:21:36 up, shuttle down - August 19, 2017
    My redemption Pikes Peak Ascent! Woo hoo.
  • Trip 7: 6:55 up, 6:00 down - June 18, 2017
    My daughter stepped it up a notch and changed our Barr camp trip to a Summit trip with Barr Camp camping. We almost made it thru all the snow and to the top so I counted this as a true summit. We made it until the last half mile so I added the half an hour it probably would have taken us to summit if we weren't so tired of the snow. So here's the time breakdown for UP: train to Meadowlark :40, hike to Barr camp :45, hike to Summit minus .5 5:00, the half mile we didn't do :30. And for DOWN: Summit minus .5 to Barr Camp 2:45, Barr camp to trailhead 3:00, the half mile we didn't have to do :15
  • Trip 6: 7:09:00 up, shuttle down - August 20, 2016
    DNF in the Pikes Peak Ascent, but great weather. And SLOW.
  • Trip 5: 6:09:44 up, 4:40:38 down - August 17, 2014
    My overall slowest time for a race.
  • Trip 4: 5:14:21 up, 4:09:05 down - August 19, 2012
    Painful to do without training.
  • Trip 3: 4:38:13 up, shuttle down - August 20, 2011
    My first Pikes Peak Ascent. I didn't get quite the field position I wanted by the time we all hit the trail. I think this impacted my time a bit, but it did manage to keep me rested all the way up the hill.
  • Trip 2: 7:30 up, 5:30 down - September 19, 2010
    I won't tell you how long we rested on the top. Okay, we rested an hour and a half. So seven and a half hours up, an hour and a half rest on top, and five and half hours down. Total round trip: 14.5 hours. The weather was PERFECT and I burned over 4,000 Calories. Knowing this will help me plan a strategy for the Pikes Peak Ascent next year.
  • Trip 1: 7:22 up, no records down - July 26, 2009
    My wife and I wanted to see if we could actually hike to the top of Pikes Peak. Seven hours later, we were there. No, we didn't run at all (until it was time to come down). I don't expect a lot of time reduction next time, but we'll see.

Barr Camp Hikes
  • Trip 7: 2:12 up, 1:25 down - July 16, 2017
    This was my second attempt at the Barr Trail Mountain Race. I was actually by to trim 15 minutes off the UP and 10 minutes off the DOWN. Woo hoo!
  • Trip 6: 2:17 up, 1:35 down - July 17, 2016
    Good thing this is my fastest time to Barr Camp since it was a RACE and I didn't have any backpacks. The two times that took less time involved a train ride.
  • Trip 5: 1:40 up, 2:55 down - June 24, 2015
    We took the train again. The highlights of the trip: me seeing a black bear about 100 feet in front of us on the Mountain View Trail and my daughter stacking 17 rows of three Jenga blocks on end on top of each other.
  • Trip 4: 1:15 up, 2:45 down - July 9, 2014
    So we tried a new method of ascent this year: we rode the train half way and then hiked 1.25 miles. It was great fun being the extreme, wild hiking family that gets off a perfectly good train to hike into the wilderness. The crowd actually applauded us. Our train ride was 40 minutes and then our 1.25-mile hike was about 35 minutes. It was great to see our friends Anthony and Renee again!
  • Trip 3: 4:00 up, 2:45 down - June 29, 2013
    Wow! My daughter's longer legs (strengthened by dancing) trimmed a ton of time off the climb up. And she said the trip down this year was a breeze. My daughter and I had a real nice visit with one of the finalist couples contending to become the next caretakers of Barr Camp. Neal and Teresa of course will be leaving a big hole. But I'm sure they'll find good replacements to keep the Barr Camp magic alive.
  • Trip 2: 6:00 up, 3:15 down - June 15, 2012
    Well, my oldest daughter decided this year we should bring my middle daughter. So we introduced her to our annual trek. Who woulda thunk this would have been an annual tradition after last year's long and HOT journey. Pretty cool. And my middle daughter learned to play chess on this trip ... she's now hooked.
  • Trip 1: 5:15 up, 2:45 down - June 24, 2011
    This was my favorite Pikes Peak related hike so far. My oldest daughter and I hiked up to Barr Camp and spent the night. It was an awesome experience. My pack was heavier than my water/snacks pack had been for my previous pack, so I had to keep an eye on my heart rate.