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I can't do this alone
Luckily, I realized you can't accomplish a goal like mine by yourself. For this reason, I've affiliated myself with some of the best groups out there.

  • USA Triathlon
    The best part of being a member of USA Triathlon is that I can be a part of the national rankings after participating in three sanctioned events.
  • Pikes Peak Road Runners
    Without this group, not only would I not be where I'm at in running, but neither would Colorado Springs!
  • The Road Runners Club of America
    The national association of running clubs, running events, and runners dedicated to promoting long distance running as a competitive sport and as healthful exercise.
  • American Trail Running Association
    As much as I tell everyone I can only run on pavement and I can't run on trails, I am following the advice of a wise person: "lean toward the uncomfortable". I actually am enjoying trail runs more and I'm a short drive from some of the best trails around. ATRA promotes trail and mountain running ... both of which interest me!

Team Affiliations
  • Team FLUID
    I am proud to be sponsored by FLUID as a part of Team FLUID during my Couch-To-Victory trek.